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We've already saved ~800lbs of packaging waste at Rittenhouse Claridge, and your neighbors need you to get to the next level! Sign up for Mlkmn this holiday season and your order will make a big impact on our community.

Your first Mlkmn order $ value will go to a family in need.

This month, we are matching your Mlkmn order value as a donation to Philadelphia Parks Alliance when you sign up with code “BUY1GIVE1." Your exact order value will go directly to a family in need this holiday season.

3 Steps and a Bonus

Personalize your Blue Bag

Choose from 50+ curated, premium essentials you want delivered to your door for less than you pay at the store

Set your Autopilot

Take 2 minutes to join your neighbors and set your refill preferences (you can easily make changes any time)

Get weekly refills at your door

We refill beautiful, reusable containers with what you need, when you need it, straight to your door

Save the planet and the hassle

Amazon ships hundreds of miles, we walk hundreds of meters; you avoid the box guilt and extra trips to the store

Best Selling Products at

Rittenhouse Claridge

Hand Sanitizer

$1.25 per bottle (save 38% vs. retail)

Paper Towel

$1.70 per roll (save 15% vs. retail)

Shelf Stable Almond Milk (Unsweetened Vanilla)

$1.75 (save 20% vs. retail)
No items found.

Community driven convenient sustainability

On average, Mlkmn buildings have saved annually:




plastic containers





(and counting)

of your neighbors.

Planet Saved
.5 metric tons of CO2


pounds of plastic
and cardboard
Time Saved
264 hours


plays of your
fave song
Money Saved
Text us at 917-810-3182 with questions or ideas on making sustainability convenient and convenience sustainable