Get the products you use every day refilled in your home like magic.

$4.95/month + Amount you use
(That's it—seriously. No hidden costs, no crazy markups, no middlemen, no boxes, no plastic; just easy peasy! Plus, you can cancel whenever, but why would you?)

We're a trusted face you and your neighbors know by name.

Say "hello!" 👋 to your modern-day milkman/woman/person.

Our in-home refill service keeps the household and personal care products you use every day full without the hassle of buying at the store or "box guilt" of online shipping.

What we do.

And why it's a no-brainer.  


Refill ➡️ You save time (and the planet)! 🌎

We refill the products in your home; you only pay for the amount you use. No more emergency trips to the store, no more "box guilt."


Bundle ➡️ You get better value. 💵

We offer only top quality products in bulk that you and your neighbors love and pass the savings with next-level convenience to you.


Manage ➡️ You never have to think or stress about it again. 🏠

We manage and synchronize everything. Our smart containers are beautifully designed to save space in your home and your brain.

How it works.

Mlkmn is a neighborhood-based service powered by a tech platform that works on autopilot in the background to simplify your life and neat data science that makes it all run smoothly.

Your monthly in-home refill schedule is personalized for you and on cadence with your neighbors, that's how we reduce single-use plastics that end up in our oceans and packaging waste in landfills—yuck.

Sign up for our cool new pilot, meet your  neighborhood milkman/woman/person who will take care of everything so you never stress (or even think) about this stuff again.