Sustainable essentials,
refilled on autopilot.

Get the best, most Mother-Nature-approved versions of the products you use every day, refilled and dropped off at your door on autopilot, for less than you pay at the store.

Membership only $59/year (or $5.95/month). Cancel anytime.


Do it in four easy steps:


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Receive your personalized refills on the same day each week


Save on annual membership (only $59/yr), 40% less than city retail prices, 100% less packaging waste than Amazon

We save you the hassle, while you save the planet.

We’re your neighborly, planet-friendly, boring-stuff refillers. We keep your apartment stocked with the essentials you need... but don’t want to think about... all without you having to lift a finger.

With zero-waste packaging and refillable containers, you’ll instantaneously be living more sustainably and with less box guilt, not to mention the shame of single-use plastics.

Group buying superpowers.

It’s bulk value, without the bulk. We team up with your building management, add up all resident member orders and refill you and your neighbors on a set day every week—for up to 40% less than city retail prices.

Together, we’ll give your high-rise a lower carbon footprint. How's that for a superpower?

Stick it to the man!

Not only are we greener than Amazon (100% less packaging waste and wayyy less shipping miles), we’re more convenient, too!

And Instacart, your pricey, “same day” delivery isn’t instant enough when we’ve run out of TP! Did we mention we have $0 delivery fees?

Plus, our fancy-pants, predictive algorithm actually works—so, no more second trips to the store. Sorry, CVS, keep those receipts to yourself.

What's in the Blue Bag?

The best, most sustainable versions of the essential products you use every day from the same great manufacturers as brands you know and trust, but in thoughtfully designed, reusable and refillable containers.

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Kitchen Sponges

Disinfectant Cleaner

Dish Soap

Laundry Pods

Dishwasher Pacs

Trash Bags

Hand Soap


Mlkmn VS "Other guys"

We made a chart to show you why our membership is a no-brainer compared to the "other guys." (Our lawyer said we couldn't say Amazon, Instacart, or CVS.)


The stuff you need but hate shopping for, dropped off at your door like magic. We think about it so you don’t have to!


You’re the planner, shopper, and carrier. Schlepping heavy and bulky products all the way up to your apartment. No thank you!


Refillable containers, zero single-use plastics, zero packaging waste.


More and more and more plastic in oceans and boxes in landfills. (Thanks, Amazon!)

Better Value

Quality, sustainable products at warehouse store prices. Bulk value without the bulk!


Big city prices, big retail markups, small sizes, expensive delivery, hidden fees.


Essentials on Autopilot, on time every time, on the same day every week. Guaranteed.


Will the store have it this time? When’s the next delivery window? Who knows!?


Hey, I know this all sounds too crazy to be real. Well it is. We’re real. We’re so real that we even brought in real people to tell you how really real we really are.

I recently signed up for Mlkmn and it has been an absolute life saver. Love the idea so much.


Thank you very much for creating this excellent service.

- Joanna A.

Mlkmn really took all the boring, heavy, bulky items off my to-purchase list.

- alec m.

It’s like “aaahhhh... Mlkmn refilled today!”

- Lincoln N.

I never have to even think about these things anymore.

- Ing S.

We found Mlkmn to be an excellent service, very convenient, reliable, and price competitive... and stress free!

- Henry m.