The most sustainable way to get the stuff you use every day.

No delivery fee. $5.95 monthly membership. Cancel anytime.

Instead of shipping tons of packaging waste, we refill your essentials on a schedule, drop off at your door, then pick up your empties.

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Personalize your
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Choose from 50+ curated, premium essentials you want delivered to your door for less than you pay at the store

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Take 2 minutes to join your neighbors and set your refill preferences (you can easily make changes any time)

Get weekly refills at your door

We refill beautiful, reusable containers with what you need, when you need it, straight to your door

Save the planet and the hassle

Amazon ships hundreds of miles, we walk hundreds of meters; you avoid the box guilt and extra trips to the store

We save you the hassle, while you save the planet.

We’re your neighborly, planet-friendly, boring-stuff refillers. We keep your apartment stocked with the essentials you need... but don’t want to think about... all without you having to lift a finger.

With zero-waste packaging and refillable containers, you’ll instantaneously be living more sustainably and with less box guilt, not to mention the shame of single-use plastics.

Stick it to the man!

Not only are we greener than Amazon (100% less packaging waste and wayyy less shipping miles), we’re more convenient, too!

And Instacart, your pricey, “same day” delivery isn’t instant enough when we’ve run out of TP! Did we mention it's only $1.95 per delivery?

Plus, our fancy-pants, predictive algorithm actually works—so, no more second trips to the store. Sorry, CVS, keep those receipts to yourself.


Hey, I know this may sound too crazy to be real. Well it is. We’re real. We're so real we have real reviews from real people to show you how really real we really are!

I used to use Amazon for everything. Now I use Mlkmn as much as humanly possible through my apartment to avoid the package room all together. I never have to even think about these things anymore.

Ing S.

Mlkmn is unlike any other service I’ve come across. It’s more sustainable, affordable, and convenient than Amazon or CVS and I love their menu of products

Alex L.

I signed up because of sustainability, but [Mlkmn] works like a hotel service… they just drop off what I need at my door.


Moving to a city where I don’t know where the stores are - having the basics are important. I don't have to worry about hunting for them.